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We believe in giving back to the community and society.

A Culture of Giving

We have bold ambitions. But we also believe in taking a step back to look out for others in our community. The culture of giving is strong in Neo Group. And we want to inspire everyone – our people and our stakeholders – to join us in giving back. Because progress is never ours alone. We move forward together. With our people, our stakeholders and our community.


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Recent Initiatives

Neo Group Foundation

Supporting our community together.

Neo Group Foundation started out as the Neo Seed Fund – an employee-driven fund initiated by Mr Neo in 2010. Ran by the Neo Seed committee, the fund has a simple objective – to cultivate a healthy habit of giving in every employee. And of course, to raise funds for our community.

To contribute, employees decide how much of their monthly salaries they wish to set aside – any amount they deem fit – and Mr Neo will do a dollar-for-dollar top-up at the end of each month.

The Neo Seed Fund officially becomes Neo Group Foundation after its registration with the Community Foundation of Singapore (CFS) in April 2020. This formalises the fund and provides greater transparency and accountability on its usage – a necessary step as both the Group and the fund grow in size.

Moving forward, Neo Group Foundation will continue to support programmes and beneficiaries outlined in our giving strategy in three broad categories:

Nurture future generations
We aim to provide education for our young with tertiary book prizes, bursary awards and extend help to youths from low income families

Enrich the lives of our seniors
We take care of our seniors through various eldercare and food sponsorship programmes, and provide assistance to their families whenever needed

Outreach to the less privileged
We work with communities with special needs, disabilities and sports organisations to design programmes that can help them lead independent and more fulfilling lives

Neo Seed

Sowing the seeds of giving.

Neo Seed is the driving force behind the Group’s giving initiatives. Formed by representatives from various departments within the Group, it nurtures the spirit of giving in our employees by getting them excited and involved in contributing to our society through volunteering activities.

Every year we have averaged close to 2,000 volunteer hours with about 1,500 beneficiaries. As our Group continues to grow, we want to make an even bigger impact on our community by spreading the seeds of giving further and wider.

umisushi's $0.10 bottled water

Encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

umisushi started a new campaign in 2019 – offering bottled water at $0.10 at all retail outlets. This original idea was conceived by our Founder, Chairman and CEO, Mr Neo himself. In line with HPB’s Healthier Dining Program, this was a move to encourage everyone in Singapore to choose water as a healthier choice product. It also came at a good time as the haze in Singapore hit unhealthy levels, and drinking more water would help one to stay healthy.

Begin with Love

Starting it right with our community.

We all love a big bang on New Year’s Day. And we want to share that cheer with everyone in the community. That’s why all our catering brands come together every year on January 1st to donate 100% of our revenue on that day to selected beneficiaries. And our customers like that. And more of them have come forward to show their support, helping us rake in close to a million dollars’ worth of donations since we started in 2016.

Zero Waste

Charting the course to a sustainable future

Our success should not come at the expense of our planet. As the largest player in the market, we have a responsibility to do more while using less. It’s a challenge. But it’s one that we embrace so we can set precedence. And steer the industry towards a more circular direction.

A bulk of this challenge falls on our Zero Waste Committee, a task force we convened to rethink operational processes and develop effective sustainable strategies. Initiatives like “No Aircon Fridays”, reducing paper usage and consolidating recycling bins are already in motion at our headquarters. And we’re pushing to roll them out to our brands and eventually, the entire value chain.

It’s a small start. But we’re determined to make a big progress.

Blood Donation Drive

Give blood, save lives.

We hold blood donation drives in three locations across our different offices twice a year. Apart from employees, we also invite our customers and partners to join us in our effort to save lives. We’ve donated close to 5,000 packets of blood from the drives in the first few years. Given that each packet can help 3 people in need, that’s about 15,000 people altogether. It’s a small action that can literally change someone else’s lives. And we endeavour to do more for them.

Our Beneficiaries

Here are some of the people we’ve helped.