Singapore’s Number One Events Caterer with a leading market share.

Our Promise

Listed on SGX since July 2012, Neo Group provides customers with end-to-end food and catering solutions through a comprehensive suite of capabilities and service offerings under five business segments – Catering, Manufacturing, Supplies & Trading, Retail and Other Businesses. As one of Singapore’s most recognized brand names, Neo Group Limited takes pride in its unwavering commitment to our customers: To uphold the highest standards, from the quality of ingredients, to bringing customers the most personable service experience.

Good food is our business.

What inspired our founder Mr Neo Kah Kiat to start his own catering company over 30 years ago was a case of bad food that ruined a party. His goal back then was simple. To provide good food for his customers. So no party will ever be ruined again.

That goal remains with us today.

Delivering excellence to our customers.

Today, Neo Group Limited is Singapore’s largest food and catering service provider. We oversee an expanding portfolio of over 20 brands, distributed across 5 business divisions:

  1. Catering
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Supplies & Trading
  4. Retail
  5. Other Businesses

We have been leading the industry as the top events caterer since 2011. And we continue to uphold that position by staying true to what got us started in the first place – delivering exceptional food and services to our customers.

To grow beyond a billion dollar company by 2025.

We deliver the best to our customers. We inspire and nurture our people. We believe in giving back to our community.

We deliver the best to our customers. We inspire and nurture our people. We believe in giving back to our community.

Our Core Values

Our values lay the foundation to who we are as a team. It keeps us focused and grounded in our beliefs as we continue to grow as a Group.



Always number one

Being on top is not easy. Staying there is even more difficult. That’s why we never sit still – change is our constant. We’re not afraid to innovate and re-invent. So we can keep moving forward. As a team, and as a company.



Impossible to possible

Impossible is a challenge that we embrace. We believe we can make things happen. Turn impossible into possible. As long as we don’t stop trying.



Take ownership

We put our hearts in what we do. That’s how we work harmoniously together, and fully commit to achieving our common goal of delivering excellence to our customers and our community.



Dare to be different

To us, there are no dreams too big and no ideas too absurd. Tomorrow’s innovation is never built on a safety net today. Who dares, wins. And we dare to be different.



Exceed expectations

Empathy is at the heart of our service. We listen to our customers, put ourselves in their shoes, so we can anticipate their needs and exceed expectations with our sincerity.